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We work only with premium products. We try to bring only the best from all the world.


All our beverages are premier quality selections to get the total satisfaction of our customers.


We always are looking for a new products that can change the life style of our customers.

About us


We are a company focused on the sale of foreign products. In order to show Japan different cultures through our innovative high quality products imported from all over the world. Covering the need for cultural expansion in Japan. Both for Japanese and foreigners living in Japan.

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Tequila 13 The new face of tequila

Meet the largest range of white tequilas in the world

All our products are chosen with high detail, thinking about the tastes of all ages. We know that the most important thing is happiness in life, that's why we look for imported products that can implement that feeling of happiness when we try it.


Please write us. The staff will speak English, Japanese and Spanish immediately.