8 agosto, 2018

Tequila 13 Clear Flavors


  • Tequila Blanco 13 Redberries

    Alc. Vol. 35 %
    Presentation 750ml & 50 ml

    クラシックなミクソロジーシーンにおいて、テキーラブランコ13 レッドベリーは、ストロベリー、クランベリー、ラズベリーの風味を巧みに組み合わせて究極のハーモニーを作り出す逸品です。テキーラの風味を調和させ、補完するソフトなフルーティー感が特徴的です。

    A classic and favorite in the mixology scene, this bottle combines the flavor of strawberry, cranberry and raspberry to present a sublime mix.
    A soft fruity taste that harmonizes and complements the flavor of tequila.

  • Tequila Blanco 13 Mandarin

    Alc. Vol. 35 %
    Presentation 750 ml & 50 ml


    One of the most sought after flavors in the market, Mandarin combines the bittersweet essence of a citrus blend in a unique flavor.

    Fragrant and tropical, it’s a beverage that simply delights whether drunk alone or in a mix.

  • Tequila Blanco 13 Peppermint

    Alc. Vol. 35 %
    Presentation 750 ml     & 50 ml


    This variety delights with its fresh and fragrant flavor, which highlights the blending between the agave and the peppermint.

    Ideal for classic cocktails such as the mojito, or to simply sip it on the rocks.

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A new concept is an innovative, avant-garde and modern image within the world of Tequila Blanco Premier, using a handcrafted elaboration dating back generations.

From the beginning, we used the best raw materials, following the highest quality standards in the elaboration to reach a Unique Tequila, a product of High class. As a result a premier product which is transparent and crystalline Winner to the gold metal in the contest Spirit Selection 2016 by Concours Mundial de Bruxelles.

Tequila 13 has created an innovative concept of Tequila Blanco premier to conquer the world market in high quality beverages. posicioning in the most select pleaces and high category in Mexico, the United States and  Japan It is the only tequila in the world with the largest variety of Tequila Blanco Premier. Suave 35% Platinum 40% Origen 40% 100 Proof 50% And its innovative Tequila Blanco Premier with natural and organic flavors Tequila red berries 35% Tequila mandarin 35% Tequila peppermint 35% Tequila 13 is not other tequila, it’s the new face of Tequila

More than just a great quality beverage, Tequila 13 is a concept that goes with your world: current, fresh and international. In an industry where almost everything has been tried, our experience working with renowned tequilas in Mexico and the world allows us to guarantee the pleasure that your life style deserves.[/text_block]

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